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Efficient disinfection: Our chlorine tablets are specially designed to purify the water quality of the pool. It can effectively kill bacteria, algae and other harmful organisms in the water to ensure the cleanliness of the pool water.

Stable release: The formula of pool chlorine ensures long-term stable chlorine release, long-term maintenance of pool pH and cleanliness, and reduces the need for daily maintenance.

Professional swimming pool chemicals: Our swimming pool chlorine tablets are a professional swimming pool chemical that have undergone strict quality management and safety testing and can be used in all types of commercial and household swimming pools.

Convenient to use: The standard size of 3-inch chlorine tablets is suitable for most swimming pool chlorine floats and automatic water dispensers, making it easy for users to replace.

Durable and durable: The chlorine tablets for swimming pools produced by our company have stable performance after storage and use. They can be stored for a long time even under scorching sun exposure, ensuring long-term water quality.

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We are a company specializing in wholesale chlorine tablets and are committed to providing customers with high-quality chlorine tablets and services. Our chlorine tablet factory has advanced production equipment and a complete quality management system to ensure that every chlorine tablet produced meets the highest industrial standards.

Our company is a leading enterprise in the industry. In addition to producing standard chlorine tablets, we can also customize products according to customers’ specific requirements. The company has a team with many years of industrial practical experience, which can provide customers with the most professional advice and support at any time.

Choosing us means choosing a reliable partner. We look forward to working with you to create a clean and healthy water environment.

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The chlorine tablets produced in our factory ensure high quality at a more competitive price. Through careful management and mass production, we provide customers with cheap and efficient chlorine tablets.

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 Free label design and printing to be with your logo and design.

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At our factory, chlorine tablets are priced fairly and transparently, with no hidden fees. We will provide customers with detailed price lists and cost analysis, so that customers can have sufficient information when purchasing, make the right decision, and buy the most cost-effective products.

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About 3-5 working days after receipt of your payment for LCL.About 7-15days after deposit for FCL

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Usually is Qingdao port and Shanghai Port

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Yes, we have our factory.

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