Introduction to featured products

Our chlorine tablets products have high-efficiency disinfection capabilities and can quickly kill microorganisms and algae in the swimming pool to ensure clean and hygienic water quality. Through advanced slow-release agent technology, chlorine tablets for pool can be released continuously and stably, thereby maintaining balanced water quality. Environmentally friendly formula in line with various swimming pools, easy to operate and use

Usage Method with chlorine tablets

1.Disinfection of pool chlorine tablets: The dosage was calculated according to 2-3g/m3, which lasted 30-60 minutes.

2. Disinfection of public places and ground: 1500-3000 times water diluent spraying, wiping, 30 minutes. In the epidemic area of infectious diseases, 150-200 times water diluent is sprayed and disinfected.

3. Disinfection of white clothes and sheets: 2000-3000 times dilution of cleaner articles, soaking for 10 minutes; 500 times dilution of heavier contaminated articles, soaking for 20 minutes.

4. Wash and disinfect toilets and toilets. Dilute 300 times water for 30 minutes.

5. Disinfection of non-metallic medical instruments: 500-1000 times water diluent, soaking for 30 minutes; disinfection of instruments with purulent blood, using 100 times water diluent for 30 minutes.

6. Non-metallic tableware disinfection: 500-1000 times water diluent, 30 minutes.

7. Disinfection of drinking water with 4-6 mg/kg concentration by powder preparation

8. Disinfect the environment and appliances with 200-400 mg/kg solution.

chlorine tablets for pool

Main details

Place of OriginShandong, China
Typechlorine stabilizer
UsageWater Treatment Chemicals
ClassificationChemical Auxiliary Agent
Quality guarantee period2 Years

Lead time

Quantity (metric tons)1 – 100> 100
Lead time (days)10To be negotiated